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Coeur du Berry with flowers 170g

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Coeur du Berry with flowers is an artisanal cheese made from pasteurised goat's milk and the rind is covered with an beautiful melange of edible flowers. The paste is fresh, soft and creamy, while the flowers are quite strong in both flavour and fragrance.

The Jacquin family has been producing goat cheeses for 50 years and 3 generations. Their aim has always been to be among the best in their field and what makes their products magical and successful is their specificity: a combination of quality, innovation, modernisation, tradition and obviously, know-how.

The farm is based in La Vernelle, in Centre-Val de Loire (the cradle of French goat-cheese making), located south of the Loire River, where the climate is mild. The floral and climatic unity of this region gives milk a special taste that contributes to the specific aromas.

Ingredients: Pasteurised goat milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, flowers

Allergens: goat milk