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About us

As Europeans we have felt Singapore’s craving for artisanal cheese. The Cheese Trap is the response to this and also the embodiment of our passion for good cheese.

We believe in quality rather than quantity by championing the preservation of authenticity and tradition through the promotion of small-scale farms and sustainability in the selection of our cheese.

Focusing on artisanal, farmstead and organic cheese whose origins can be traced back to every single farm, we have gone the extra mile to bring you mostly never before seen cheese in Singapore; something truly unique!

With the aim of having the widest selection of cheese, we offer a very diverse selection of soft, semi-hard and hard cheese from various countries, made from cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk and some with particular ingredients such as truffle, nettle, garlic and cumin. 

Our offering is constantly expanding and changing, so be sure to check out our website and sign-up for our newsletter and also follow us on Instagram and Facebook.