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Bastiaansen Bio

Bastiaansen Bio is part of the Rouveen Kaasspecialiteiten Cooperative Dairy. A cooperative which is made up of more than 250 dairy farmers (including more than 50 organic farmers, some of whom also apply biodynamic farming principles) who make daily deliveries of cows’ milk which, along with sheep and goats’ milk, is necessary to produce their cheese. Together they strive to develop sustainable ways of making improvements within the company.

In short, Bastiaansen believes there is strength in working together, and that cooperation pays. More importantly they, and all their dairy farmers, share a sense of responsibility for the environment and the future and above all they have the same aim: to develop delicious and honest products!

Bastiaansen Bio cheese is organic, vegetarian and sustainable. They only use the best ingredients: no food colourings, flavour enhancers, preservatives or other additives. After production their cheese is given time to age, which allows its full flavour to develop. You can taste the difference!

Bastiaansen has now been in business for more than 40 years. Their parent company is - due to these many years of experience and quality products - a Purveyor to the Dutch Royal Household.


What started out in the 1970s as a hobby, has grown into something a whole lot bigger. They are both a pioneer and a market leader in the field of organic cheese. Bastiaansen has a passion for cheese, especially organic cheese. To them cheese is much more than simply cheese. It is a world of cows, sheep and goats grazing outside in untreated pastures which are teaming with other animals and plants as well as livestock. A barn is never as good as a field, which is why their farmers let their cows, sheep and goats graze outside. In fields full of grass, clover, wild herbs and flowers. Not only is it a beautiful sight, but it also provides the animals with a varied and healthy diet. Because their cows are only given organic feed, they produce less milk, but it is much richer. And you can taste the difference in their cheese. It is a world of organic farmers who produce milk for their cheese with commitment and skill. It is entirely natural, as are their production methods.


Organic means sustainable. But at Bastiaansen Bio sustainability applies to more than cheese, because sustainability means ‘taking good care of the world around you’. Let’s start with our farmers.

Business management

Their organic farming methods are a responsible and sustainable way of justifying our future existence. They promote these values in their farmers by offering workshops covering subjects such as animal welfare, energy & climate and countryside & environment. Furthermore, their cattle have full access to outdoor grazing: that means their cattle spend at least 6 hours a day outside for a minimum of 120 days each year, which is a total of 720 hours per year. They are also committed to promoting biodiversity.

Then there’s production. Among other things they make an effort to reduce polluting emissions and limit physical strain on their employees. Their facilities have solar panels and they reuse byproducts such as whey, water and heat. To add to the sustainability of their products they take part in a number of initiatives designed to benefit nature. For example, they have developed Weidevogelkaas (meadow bird-friendly cheese) together with the Dutch Society for the Protection of Birds.

Focus on today and tomorrow