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Booij Kaasmakers

Booij Kaasmakers from Streefkerk do not make farmer's cheese, but neighbor's cheese; cheese made from the neighbor's milk. They used to have their own cows, but the cows had to move to another region in the Netherlands as more space was required for their dairy farm. The neighbors' cows are outside and eat mainly grass and clovers. That is why the cheese tastes different every season, because in the spring there are different plants and herbs in the meadow than in the autumn.

As co-founder of the Groene Hart Cooperative, Marijke Booij is proud of what she has achieved together with other farmers: “We don't produce anonymous products, you know where your cheese, ice cream or dairy comes from. And we really make something special. I like to look for exciting flavor combinations for "my" cheeses, like cheese with lavender. We are a culinary cheese factory. My job is the best there is. When everything is in order, nature, the animals and the farmer himself, you can make a beautiful product and you can taste it. And I love working with my hands. ” Marijke focuses on cheeses that are at their best when they're aged. Good Gouda must be in balance between sweet, sour, salty and bitter. 

In 2017 the efforts of the Booij family were rewarded. Their cheese was voted the best old Gouda farmhouse (they still had their own cows) at the Cum Laude Awards, an inspection of artisanal cheeses and dairy.