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De Gelder

De Gelder is a family business where transparency, animal welfare and hygiene are paramount. All the cheeses they produce are made with milk from their own cows. Starting in 1962 with 6 cows, they have now grown into a modern farm with 350 dairy cows. That's a big leap. Fortunately, in all these years, their love for the profession has not changed. With a heart for the animals and their immediate environment, they work together with 5 employees 7 days a week to create a clean and pleasant living environment for our cows

‎Their animals lie on comfortable mattresses, have a lot of space and choose their own moment to give milk. They can get brushed, walk free and eat whenever they want. They don't sustain injuries thanks to the rubber floors. They get clean grass of excellent quality, which is supplemented with corn and plant mixtures. The corn and grass come from our own country and the grass contains a lot of carotene, vitamins and proteins. This is important for the health of their cows. Furthermore, carotene provides pleasantly soft butter and gives a nice yellow color to your cheese.‎

‎Every two weeks the veterinarian checks the welfare of the cows. Their motto: prevention is better than cure. Of course, within clear limits. They do not give preventive antibiotics and of course you will not find hormones in the feed.‎

Finally, they ensure the highest standard of hygiene is maintained in the stable. For example, it is important that grass is not soiled with excrement, and that the cow has a pleasant living environment.‎