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Heemskerk's approx. 100 head dairy herd consists exclusively of Holstein / Montbeliard cows. A nice, robust variety and extremely suitable for the production of quality dairy. Our cattle are served a balanced menu every day, which is reflected in the taste of the milk, and ultimately also in the cheese and butter. In the summer our cows graze outside in the pasture, during the winter months they stay in a spacious and modern barn.

Heemskerk makes deliciously creamy Gouda farmer's cheese 48+ and for four generations the only real 'Boerenleidsekaas with the Keys' (Leyden with Keys) has been made on their farm. This is a regional product recognized by the EEC. 

Their cheeses are mainly collected by cheese wholesalers when the cheese is about two weeks old. In the trader's warehouses, the cheeses are kept under the right conditions until they can be sold to the shops.