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In the summer of 2017, the Rispens family went to France to see a couple of French lambs. These were bought and came to Friesland in August 2017. The choice fell on this French variety Lacaune, because they have good and high milk production levels. The milk of the Lacaune is described usually as wholesome with a high butterfat and protein content and rich flavour. The butterfat content of the milk makes it good for producing many different types of cheese. 

Their company is located in the unique Unesco Wadden Sea Heritage area and they own over 16 ha. in meadow bird management. They drive out rough manure which is beneficial for soil life and attracts more birds. We also leave these meadows alone for longer so that the birds have every opportunity to raise their young.

Rispens has been active in agricultural nature management for years and is a participant in Agrarisch Collectief Waadrâne. Waadrâne is an Agricultural Collective with more than 145 members in the northern coastal strip against the Wadden Sea that contributes to the protection of farmland birds. They are committed to preserving nature, landscape and biodiversity, working together with each other and with nature. Their main goal is to make the northern coastal strip even more beautiful by preserving the flora and fauna.