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Stompetoren cheese is made of milk from pasture-grazed cows. The cows are grazing and resting in the pastures, which makes them ‘happier’ and ‘healthier’. The fresh grass results in a high quality milk with a lot of protein. Last year the cows were out in the pasture on average for 185 days and minimal 10 hours a day.

Stompetoren is made by the CONO cheesemakers in the North of Holland. This cheese factory is one of the greenest in the world. The cheese factory is a combination between a traditional processes and innovative techniques. The stirring of the curd is done by hand. Everything in the brand new factory is accommodated in a way to use as little energy as possible.

The cheese masters are experienced in monitoring the ripening process. With over 35 years of experience they know everything about the best conditions to ripe the cheeses. The ripening conditions at the ripening factory have been improved several times, until the perfect combination between temperature and humidity was found. The cheese masters control the taste development of the cheeses during the ripening by the use of special instruments. This guarantees high and constant quality.