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Cheese farm Verweij is a real family business. In 2009 the children took over the company from their parents, but they are still involved in the company and think along with them. In addition, family members of the new generation regularly jump in when there are large crowds. The family members, as well as the other employees, are fully committed to the business. As a result, the involvement on the farm, on the cows and on the cheese, is great. Because they are close to each other and their lines of communication are short, they can work flexibly and stay innovative. They work together with enthusiasm to take their end product to the next level; real, tasty cheese from the farm, while taking care of man, animal, and the environment.

‎Every day they process the cow's milk into a delicious piece of cheese. Their consumers often call the cheese 'deliciously smooth'. They make cheeses that are in high demand by the consumer. For example, they currently make cheese from cow's milk, Jersey milk but also goat's milk. The cheeses range from one to thirty kilos. They also work with up to forty different types of herbs.‎

‎Because they value quality, they meet various certifications. This starts with livestock with various animal diseases programs. The guarantee of drug use and hygiene is also met by means of the KKM programme. For cheese, they comply with the EU hygiene package+ and animal by-products. ‎
‎They have been involved in the FSSC program for several years. This means that they zoom in even more on hygiene, protocol, product specifications, traceability etcetera. This way they know at the touch of a button when the cheese is made and with what ingredients, taking our cheese to the next level.‎