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Boeren Leidse met Sleutels PDO 18 months

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Boeren Leidse cheese was originally a by-product of butter production. In the past, milk fat was an important and precious food and often marketed as butter. After the cream had been taken from the milk, the remaining milk was used for the production of butter. This by-product was used to produce low-fat cheese, a product that welcomed a growing interest.

It is generally believed that this low-fat cheese was used, among other things, as provisions for shipping, such as to the east and many other regions. Due to the lower milk fat content, this cheese kept better than full-fat counterparts, especially at high temperatures, such as the tropics.

The cheese from the Leiden area became ideally known for its refined taste. Cumin seeds were eventually added to this cheese.

This cheese is a semi-hard cheese which has been flavoured with cumin and caraway seeds and has an unmistakable powerful, rich flavour with that extra zing of cumin. It is gently aromatic and becomes more fruity and intense as it ripens. It is made in the Leiden area in the Netherlands from unpasteurised cow’s milk and matured for 18 months. The cheese is round and flat like Gouda, however it is formed with sharper edges on one side and a less rounded side.

The exterior of this cheese has a characteristic reddish-brown crust, in which the Leiden keys have been formed. Only the members of the "Association of Farmers-Leiden Cheesemakers" are allowed to apply this mark of the crossed keys to their cheese. Based on this, the real Boeren Leidse can be instantly recognized.

In 1997, the Boeren Leidse obtained the PDO designation usually granted to products whose production, processing and preparation takes place within a given geographical area and in accordance with a recognised and controlled procedure.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

  • paired with a beer or a shiraz
  • on its own or plain with crackers or dark malty bread

Ingredients: raw cow milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, cumin, sodium nitrate E251

Allergens: milk protein