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Bunkerkaas Cow 6 months

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Bunker Cheese from Twente is a delicious cheese with a special recipe and a special maturing process. The Twente Bunker Cheese is matured to perfection in a special location that cheese maker Jan Peter Nijenhuis came across in 2011 during his search for the place offering the perfect maturing conditions. A former ammunition storage depot, dating back to the Cold War comprising of 25 large and small ammunition warehouses and underground bunkers. 8 bunkers are made of concrete, covered with a thick layer of soil. These bunkers are always found to be at 15°C and have constant humidity; making them ideal for maturing cheese.

Jan has always paid a lot of attention to a sustainable production process. This Bunker cheese is ripened in an energy-efficient manner, requiring little electricity due to the constant temperature in the bunkers and is made as naturally as possible, according to artisan traditions.

This cheese is made from pasteurised cow milk, is ripened for about 6 months and employs microbial rennet making it a perfect selection for vegetarians. The special recipe contributes to a cheese which is semi-hard in nature and full and creamy in taste with hints of spiciness and nutty undertones.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

● paired with a craft beer or medium-bodied wine
● on its own as a snack or on a cheeseboard

Ingredients: pasteurised cow milk, salt, starter culture, microbial rennet, preservative E1105 (egg) / E251

Allergens: milk protein, egg