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Cheese & Wine pairing pack: Comté 36 months & Kabaj Ravan

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The Cheese Trap managed to get their hands on an amazing 36 months Comté by Fromagerie Arnaud. Due to droughts in the Jura area, this very long matured gem has become very rare., especially this masterpiece by Fromagerie Arnaud, the pioneer in long matured Comté.

This cheese is very nutty and got some spiciness. The lovely crystals, a sign of long maturation, are very obvious. Despite the age, the cheese is still quite soft.

The wine by is a soft expression of Ravan, or Friuliano across the border in Italy. Creamy in mouthfeel with hints of lemon merengue and honey lead into zesty acidity and umami that balances perfectly with the aged Comté and its earthiness and freshness. The 7 days on the skin elevate its slight oxidative nature much like whites from the Jura. The creaminess of the Slovenian wine compliments the cheese perfectly, making you want more of each without overpowering either the cheese nor the wine.



Ingredients cheese: raw cow's milk, rennet, starter culture, salt.

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