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Comté Charles Arnaud réservation 36 months PDO

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This world-class Comté is as old as it gets! 36 months and produced by the famous Fromagerie Charles Arnaud! You won't find better than this!

This dairy was founded in 1907 by Jules-Charles Arnaud, Jean-Charles Arnaud’s grandfather. For over 110 years, the dairy has been collecting and traditionally ripening white Comtés, currently produced in 30 dairy plants called “fruitiere”. Fromageries Arnaud has built its development and reputation by constantly seeking to improve the quality of its cheeses and by developing close relationships with its 400 milk farmers. It was the very first one to internationally introduce extra matured Comtés (over 10 months). Today Fromageries Arnaud is one of the last 100% dairies from Jura and 100% family-owned company.

Located near Lons-le-Saunier, in Poligny (town known as the Comté capital), Fromageries Arnaud is the most awarded French company by the Paris Concours General Agricole since its creation. The prize list is such an extent that only Gold medals are allowed to be displayed in the meeting room.

Fromageries Arnaud is specialized in the production and maturation of raw milk cheeses from the Jura massif, including AOP/ PDO Comté, Morbier, Mont d’Or and Bleu de Gex Haut-Jura. The dairy’s reputation was built from the remarkable quality of its extra-matured Comtés. Their ancestral know-how has now been passed down to the third generation, a legacy today carried by Jean Charles Arnaud.

Comté is a cheese made from unpasteurised cow's milk from the Franche-Comté traditional province of eastern France bordering Switzerland and sharing much of its cuisine. Comté has the highest production, and most popular, of all French AOC cheese by a significant margin selling about twice as much as its nearest rival Roquefort and is classified as a Swiss-type or Alpine cheese.

It is a cooked pressed Gruyère style cheese which in fact used to be referred to as Gruyère de Comté. Individual wheels vary hugely in taste though they tend to be more caramelly, nutty and slightly less salty than Gruyère, but less fruity than Beaufort though there will obviously be differences between winter and summer productions – summer being fuller-flavoured than winter ones.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

  • paired with local dry Arbois whites and also old Muscadet
  • great in a baguette, goes well with a hint of jar beer mustard
  • after dinner with nuts or dried fruit or husk cherries

Ingredients: raw organic cow milk, salt, starter culture, rennet

Allergens: milk protein