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French farmhouse yoghurt 180g - Hazelnuts

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The Cheese Trap carries an amazing range of French farmhouse yoghurts!

These are produced in Normandy, in the village of Flipou. The farm is called Ferme des Peupliers and its 180 cows produce the best yoghurts. The farm has won several Medailles d'Or in French food contests over the years. We carry the relative large 180g 'Les Genereux' glass jars, which are good value for money compared to the smaller variants. 

We have the natural yoghurt, as well as 7 flavoured farmhouse yoghurts and a few low-fat yoghurts. Try them all!

Ingredients: Pasteurised cow's milk, lactic ferments, Hazelnut mix (Hazelnut paste, hazelnut grinded, tactic acid starch, mono-glyceride, passim sorbet, caramel, wanton gum), Sugar, milk powder.

Allergens: Cow's milk, lactic ferments, hazelnut