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Gouda Farmhouse green pesto 3 months

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The Slob brothers incorporate several ingredients to create a lovely green pesto flavour into this farmhouse cheese and it makes it both a fantastic combination and also absolutely irresistible cheese. Pesto has become more popular in Dutch cheeses over recent years, but is rarely seen outside of the country. The cheese has been matured for about 3 months and therefore perfectly balances with the pesto flavour. A rather strong cheese which is usually appreciated more by adults.

This creation brings together the goodness of unpasteurized farmhouse cheese (made from thermised cow’s milk) with the exciting flavours of the pesto.

The Slob farm is situated in the village of Giessenburg in the province of Zuid-Holland

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

-Paired with Chianti.
-On a cheese board, also due to the lively colours

-Grated over a dish of pasta

Ingredients: Thermised cow milk, salt, pine nuts, garlic, basil, pepper, fenugreek, starter culture, rennet, sodium nitrate, coloring

Allergens: Cow’s milk, pine nuts