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Crottin de Chavignol farmhouse PDO 60g

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The Jacquin family has been producing goat cheeses for 50 years and 3 generations. Their aim has always been to be among the best in their field and what makes their products magical and successful is their specificity: a combination of quality, innovation, modernisation, tradition and obviously, know-how.

The farm is based in La Vernelle, in Centre-Val de Loire (the cradle of French goat-cheese making), located south of the Loire River, where the climate is mild. The floral and climatic unity of this region gives milk a special taste that contributes to the specific aromas of Sainte-Maure.

Crottin de Chavignol is a goat cheese produced in the Loire Valley. This cheese is the claim to fame for the village of Chavignol, France, which has only two hundred inhabitants.

The small 60 gram cylindrical goat cheese from the area around Chavignol has been produced since the 16th century, but the earliest extant written record dates from 1829 when its name and brief details of the cheese were recorded by a tax inspector.

Crottin de Chavignol is subtle and slightly nutty. In its youth (Chavignol jeune), its dough is solid and compact, and its rind is white. As it ripens (Chavignol bleuté), it takes on a stronger flavour and develops a harder rind. With full maturity (Chavignol affiné), the dough becomes crumbly and the mould on the rind matures into a bluish colour. The cheese is eaten at all three stages of maturity.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

  • Baked on a green salad
  • at the end of a meal with wines from the Loire; Sancerre, Touraine Blanc, Chinon or Bourgueil
  • also thinly sliced as an aperitif – remember not to remove the crust
  • goes well with pistachios and pickled cherries

Ingredients: raw goat milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, vegetable ash

Allergens: milk protein