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Délice de Pommard with mustard 200g

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Délice de Pommard is a Burgundy cheese made from pasteurized cow's milk. The producer is Monsieur Alain Hess in the village of Beaune. Fresh cheese with no crust, it is mixed with cream and mustard bran, making it a Côte-d'Or dairy product with an atypical smell and a great taste in the mouth.

Cheese lovers will be able to describe Pommard's Délice, in terms of its creaminess, as equivalent to Brillat Savarin cheese, because of the consequent presence of cream used in its production, thus making it melt in the mouth, like butter. In addition, the Burgundy cheese here, will deliver a seasoned flavor, typical of herbs by its mixture with mustard bran.

Ingredients: Pasteurised cow milk, mustard seeds, salt, starter culture, rennet, calcium chloride

Allergens: Milk, mustard