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Fort d'Ambleteuse 5 weeks

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Fort D'Ambleteuse is one of the historical treasures on the Opal Coast. Its rounded shapes, legends and history inspired the Bernard Brothers to make the eponymous cheese.

This cheese has a rather pronounced smell, typical of soft paste with a washed rind. On its surface, the dough is orange, while inside it is cream-colored. It is soft, creamy, with a crust that gives off slight apple aromas.

Matured in cellars for 4-5 weeks, this special cheese is brushed with organic cider from the Leduc family, apple producers a few kilometers from the Fromagerie. 

Its taste is slightly fruity by the rubbings with fermented juice but also due to the fact that the cows graze on grass between land and sea.

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, lactic ferments, rennet, preservative E1105 lysozyme, natural surface dye (annatto: E160b(ii)), cider

Allergens: Milk protein, Milk including lactose, Eggs