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Fromage de Chèvre - Goat's cheese log

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Buche de Chevre is a soft-ripened cheese made from pasteurised goat's milk and produced in central France. A log-shaped chevre cheese, it is ripened for a minimum 7 days rendering the exterior a crusty and hard edible rind with a classic, bloomy mold. The white pate of Buche de Chevre reveals a complex yet typical, bold taste of French goat cheeses underlined by sweet notes of caramel. Soft and creamy with a flaky centre, the cheese instantly melts in the mouth.

Buche de Chevre is cut into slices and can be served warm on salads or with fruits for dessert. It could also be used as a dressing for quiches and canapés. Its delightful blend of flavour and texture goes well with a Beaujolais or red wine.

Ingredients: Goat's milk, salt, starter culture, rennet

Allergens: Goat's milk