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Goat Farmhouse Honey Clover 3 months

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This Goat Farmhouse cheese is produced by Booij Kaasmakers, a family business with a long history that have been making cheese on their farm in Streefkerk for generations. In 2017 and 2018 Booij Kaasmakers won the prize of Best Farmers' Old in the Netherlands for producing tasty cheese, made with love and with attention to animal welfare and the environment.

This cheese is produced from the unpasteurised (thermised) goat milk from the neighbouring farm and employs non-animal microbial rennet, making it great for a vegetarian selection.

It is soft and creamy and has the fresh taste of milk with a hint of spiciness that is found in slightly matured (3 months) cheeses. This cheese is smooth and melts on your tongue.  Honey clover is a yellow flower in the legume family. This addition of honey clover adds a slightly sweet taste to this goat taste, a perfect combination with the hint of spiciness.


Pairing: Great on a sandwich! Wine-wise, we recommend a crisp sauvignon Blanc.

Ingredients: thermised goat milk, salt, starter culture, microbial rennet, honey clover

Allergens: Cow's milk