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Gouda Farmhouse Black Truffle

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The Slob brothers incorporate real Italian black truffle into this farmhouse cheese and it makes it both a fantastic combination and also absolutely irresistible!

This creation brings together the goodness of unpasteurized farmhouse cheese (made from thermised cow’s milk) with the exciting earthy aromas of Italian black truffle. This semi-hard smooth-textured cheese is less sharp and sweeter than some types of farmhouses which does not overpower the flavour of the truffle.

The farm is situated in the village of Giessenburg in the province of Zuid-Holland

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

● paired with sparkling wine or pinot noir
● plain with sliced baguette or crackers
● grated over sunny-side up eggs or pasta
● incorporated into a risotto

Ingredients: thermised cow milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, truffle 2% (black), sodium nitrate E251

Allergens: milk protein