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Jersey Gouda

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The Jersey is a British breed of small dairy cattle from Jersey, in the British Channel Islands. It is one of three Channel Island cattle breeds. It is highly productive – cows may give over 10 times their own weight in milk per lactation; the milk has a characteristic yellowish tinge. The Jersey adapts well to various climates and environments, and unlike many breeds originating in temperate climates, these cows can tolerate heat very well.

Jersey milk has a different composition of fat and protein than the milk of Holstein cows. This higher fat and protein content gives the milk and therefore cheese made from it rich a creamy flavour.

The cheeses of Meester- Affineurs are made in the small-scale cheese factory of Hollandsche Meesters in Rhenen. This cheese factory is equipped to make cheese in a traditional way. Because the linked livestock farmers are small-scale, only small amounts of milk are processed at a time.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

  • paired with a craft beer or medium-bodied wine
  • on its own as a snack or on a cheeseboard

Ingredients: Thermised cow milk, salt, starter culture, rennet.

Allergens: milk protein