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Gouda Stompetoren Old Black 12 months

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Stompetoren cheese is named after the village of Stompetoren in North Holland and is ripened in what is perhaps the most sustainable warehouse in the Netherlands. The region is a bit inland, but like much of the country is formed of lowlands and influenced by the nearby ocean coasts, with rich clay soil and sea air making it an excellent dairy country.

This Stompetoren, made from pasteurised cow’s milk, is a special black edition having been matured for about 12 months. It has been ripening on wooden shelves and has been checked by the cheese masters several times by means of the so-called cheese drill. This is normally done to assess whether the taste is developing correctly and requires years of experience and taste precision.

Due to the special ripening conditions to which this cheese is exposed to it tends not to become hard or dry out, but keeps its full and creamy texture. This cheese has white ripening crystals and a full spicy taste.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

● paired with a medium bodied wine
● on its own as a snack or in a sandwich
● used in canapes

Ingredients: pasteurised cow milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, pigment E160b(ii)

Allergens: milk protein