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Gouda Stompetoren Old Crumble 36 months

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Stompetoren cheese is named after the village of Stompetoren in North Holland and is ripened in what is perhaps the most sustainable warehouse in the Netherlands. The region is a bit inland, but like much of the country is formed of lowlands and influenced by the nearby ocean coasts, with rich clay soil and sea air making it an excellent dairy country.

The Stompetoren Old Crumble, made from pasteurised cow’s milk and has been matured naturally in a ripening warehouse for a period of not less than 36 months. Thanks to the special moist and higher temperature atmosphere in the ripening warehouse, this cheese does not dry out or acquire a hard crust but retains higher moisture and a softer texture whilst capturing the trademark flavours of an aged gouda.

Old Crumble is the oldest in the Stompetoren collection. An authentic crumbly cheese with a very distinct character. This variant is very rich, spicy, nutty and buttery, almost caramel-like in flavour. The honey-gold paste is dense and creamy, fragmenting into big shards when cut, and peppered with crispy tyrosine crystals, giving the cheese a pleasant crunch on the palette. It is truly an irresistible cheese.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

● paired with a glass of red port, dry red or white wine or specialty beer
● on its own or with crisp apples, sweet walnuts or salty almonds
● grated over or incorporated into pasta dishes

Ingredients: pasteurised cow milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, sodium nitrate E251, pigment E160b

Allergens: milk protein