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Kaaslust Buffalo 5 months

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Kaaslust is traditionally crafted in the original dairy factory of the Veenhuizen agricultural community founded in 1823 as part of the Society of Beneficence. Through this society, General Johannes van den Bosch provided poor families in Drenthe with the opportunity to start new lives as farmers. The area is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Owner Jan Craens has been involved in cheese-making almost his whole working life. Jan makes twelve different kinds of cheese and enjoys the whole process. Not only does he make the cheese himself, but he also makes the contacts along the way. He knows the farmers who deliver the milk, the pig farmers who comes to collect the whey and also most of his customers.

This unusual cheese is made from 100% water buffalo pasteurised milk which naturally has a unique sweet and creamy taste. Whiter than cow’s milk and richer in protein, minerals and calcium, buffalo milk makes delicious cheese that is best consumed when young. This cheese has been aged for 5 months and is gentle and mild on the palate with a touch of sweetness, somewhat comparable to buffalo mozzarella. This cheese has been aged for about 5 months and is beautifully creamy in texture.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

● paired with sparkling wine or fresh whites
● on its own or with grapes and walnuts
● combined with salads

Ingredients: pasteurised buffalo milk, salt, starter culture, rennet

Allergens: milk protein