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Langres Farmhouse PDO 200g

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Created in the mid-90s, Fromagerie Rémillet is the only Langres manufactured using raw milk. Located in Genevrières, a commune located in the south-east of Haute-Marne, the Rémillet family produces and processes the milk of its cows itself in a cheese factory of nearly 100m². The milk is obtained from a herd of 140 cows, for an annual volume of about 150 tons, 100 of which are used for the Langres.

The secret of the Rémillet family lies in a slightly different recipe since it decided to salt their Langres less and to extend the ripening period to 22 days to let the taste qualities of the cheese develop further in a natural way.

The Langres is still manufactured today as in the past by moulding it after curdling, it is then unmoulded, salted and matured. Its orange colour is obtained from the plant dye Roucou. To the eye its crust ranges from light yellow to red brown. Its paste is soft under the finger with an intense and typical smell that recalls its cousin the Epoisses, but without being as strong. During the maturing process, its soft and tender sides are accentuated, and it tends to sag a little on itself.

The Langres is all about finesse when it is young and usually becomes really strong as it gets older. This cheese is a fresh, plain flavoured cheeses with hints of garden or undergrowth flavour.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

  • pair with Pinot Noir but a dry and racy white
  • with crusty bread or plain crackers

Ingredients: raw cow milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, roucou (natural vegetable colouring)
Allergens: milk protein

Nutritional value: per 100g
Energy 1214kJ / 293kcal
Fat 25g
Saturates 18g
Carbohydrates 0.7g
Sugars 0g
Protein 17g
Salt 1.4g

Average Wheel Weight: 0.2kg