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Mecorino Sheep Organic 250g

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De Vreugdehoeve is an organic dairy farm with about 500 sheep, just outside Zwolle in the Vreugderijkerwaard. It is a family business where serenity, nature, animal welfare and experience for both young and old are key. In 2012 the De Vreugdehoeve had to relocate the farm due to risk posed by high tide from the nearby river. This, however, also gave the opportunity to develop numerous new activities in addition to improving and expanding their product range.‎

The new building is completely transparent, allowing guests to watch the staff making cheese and ice cream through the windows. The sheep are Frisian milk sheep and can also be viewed through these windows are considered to be an endangered and rare breed that used to be found along the coast. They are slender animals with a thin, hairless tail and produce the most milk among other sheep breeds.

The Mecorino is made by De Vreugdehoeve through a special maturation process from pasteurised biological sheep milk and employs non-animal microbial rennet, making it both organic and vegetarian. It is prepared at high temperatures and then not pressed. After that, the maturation process continues in the refrigerator. The Mecorino therefore remains a very soft and young cheese with a mild taste that is often popular with young and old.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

● paired with sparkling wine or other fresh citrusy whites
● on its own, plain with crackers or with grapes and walnuts
● combined with salads

Ingredients: pasteurised biological sheep milk, salt, starter culture, microbial rennet

Allergens: milk protein