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Vacherin Mont d'Or 450g PDO

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This French type of Vacherin cheese is called Mont d'Or. It is a soft, rich, unpasteurised seasonal cheese made from cow's milk in Switzerland or France, usually in villages of the Jura region, and has a grayish-yellow washed rind, and is produced between August 15 and March 15. It is traditionally made in the winter months when the cows come down from the mountain pastures and there is not enough milk to make Comté cheese. It is presented in round boxes of various diameters made of spruce. The strips of spruce are harvested by specialists called "sanglier".


A Mont d'Or can be eaten straight out of the pot – dip in a hunk of fresh baguette and scoop it up, or slather it on with a spoon! Its' got a delicious nutty, earthy taste. Or even better: bake it – a really popular way to eat it in France as it brings out even more flavour. Eat it during the festive season with your family as an amazing dinner, combining the molten cheese with tasty charcuterie, boiled/grilled potatoes, baguette, pickles and a fresh salad. And of course a good bottle of wine.


Our Mont d’Or’s are coming for the famous Comté producer Fromagerie Charles Arnaud and the weight is 450g. This dairy was founded in 1907 by Jules-Charles Arnaud, Jean-Charles Arnaud’s grandfather. For over 110 years, the dairy has been collecting and traditionally ripening white Comtés, currently produced in 30 dairy plants called “fruitiere”. Today Fromageries Arnaud is one of the last 100% dairies from Jura and 100% family-owned company. Located near Lons-le-Saunier, in Poligny (town known as the Comté capital), Fromageries Arnaud is the most awarded French company by the Paris Concours General Agricole since its creation. The prize list is such an extent that only Gold medals are allowed to be displayed in the meeting room.


Serving and Cooking Suggestions: charcuterie, boiled/grilled potatoes, baguette, pickles and a fresh salad and of course good wine.

Ingredients: raw cow milk, salt, starter culture, rennet

Allergens: milk protein