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Camembert au Four 150g

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This mini camembert, specially created for baking, comes in small wooden container. Perfect for a single serving. 

Made by the French cheese expert who produces our Brillat Savarin and Pierre Robert cheese, Fromagerie Rouzaire has been an independent family owned company for three generations. The dairy and cellars are located in the heart of the Brie area. 

Their range of artisan white mould cheeses are unique because of the limited geographical area in which the milk is sourced (Seine et Marne) and the specific know-how of their cheese-makers in traditional cheese production and affinage. 

The Rouzaire Camembert is more intense than a Brie. It has mild earthy aroma with a luxurious complexity on the palate. It’s creamy texture is what makes it shine. When perfectly ripe, this Camembert is smooth like butter and melts in your mouth. When it is ripe, you get a wonderful creamy complexity from the light-yellow pâté.

To be enjoyed with your preferred crusty bread. Alternately you could make a hole in the middle of the bread and place the cheese). Garnish with our selection of soft dried fruit, organic jams, crackers and nuts from France.

Pair with a fruity sauvignon blanc. Mature Camembert will also work well with a red Burgundy wine.


Ingredients: Cow's milk, salt, starters, animal rennet

Nutrional value per 100g

Energy: 1092kj, Calories: 263 kcal,

Fat 20g of which saturated 14g,

Glucide 0.9g of which Proteins 20g, Sugar 0%, Salt 1.7g

 Allergens: Cow's milk