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Saint Marcellin farmhouse PGI 80g

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Saint-Marcellin is a soft French cheese made from cow's milk. Named after the small town of Saint-Marcellin (Isère), it is produced in a geographical area corresponding to part of the former Dauphine province. It is small in size, weighing about 80 grams, 50% fat, with a mottled creamy-white exterior. The degree of runniness increases with age as the exterior gains blue, then yellow, hues within two to three weeks after production.


It is similar in texture and taste to Saint-Felicien, a larger cheese produced in the Rhone-Alpes region as well, which lovely cheese we also have in stock.


Our Saint-Marcellin is carefully produced in small batches by Mathieu Ezingeard in an artisanal way and carries the fermier (=farmhouse) designation. The cheese also carries the PGI certification as a recognised regional product.