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Sangles with spruce bark 3 months

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Sangles is an unique and mild cheese with the round aftertaste of milk cream. The cheese is aged for 3 months in a spruce bark jacket. This and the unique ripening cultures used give the cheese a unique taste. The rind of the cheeses can be consumed (not the spruce bark of course), which is very rare for Dutch cheeses. 

The milk is coming from the Montbéliarde breed, which cows originate in eastern France and is a hardy mountain variety. A sweet, large grazer that makes few demands. 

Arie & Gerie van der Velden are holding the Montbéliarde cows in their farm in Woudenberg in the province of Utrecht. This is an unique location with a farm dating from 1890 located on the Ringelpoel Estate, of which the farm was part until the early 20th century.

The cheeses of Meester- Affineurs are made in the small-scale cheese factory of Hollandsche Meesters in Rhenen. This cheese factory is equipped to make cheese in a traditional way. Because the linked livestock farmers are small-scale, only small amounts of milk are processed at a time.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

-Paired with pinot noir.
-Enjoyed best on a cheese board

Ingredients: Thermised cow milk, salt, starter culture, microbial rennet, maturing ferments, spruce bark (not edible)

Allergens: Cow’s milk