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Sheep Farmhouse Old 12 months

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This cheese is made by the Rispens farm in Morra, Friesland in the very North of the Netherlands just inland from the Wadden Sea, the marshland pasture is rich in marine nutrients making it ideal for grazing. The sheep used, the Lacaune breed, produces milk with a high content of protein and fat making it perfect for making cheese.

In 2018, the Rispens decided to start keeping sheep for milk. This is rare in the Netherlands, and even rarer in Friesland where farming is focused on cattle and meat, but the Rispens children, Ype and Janita, charged ahead. They presented a plan to change their family farm to sheep and cheesemaking, and their parents, Jacob and Ria, agreed. They went on to buy about 500 sheep, hired a cheesemaker, and started producing sheep’s milk gouda.

Most gouda is made from cow’s milk, a small portion is made from goat, and almost none from sheep, so not only is this a delicious find, it is a rare one too. This cheese is made from pasteurised milk and is matured for 12 months. It has a sweet, soft aroma of buttermilk and dry hay. A flavour that is just like salted caramel. It tastes like toasted brioche, nutty brown butter, warm spices like nutmeg and cinnamon and salted pistachios which intensify as you get closer to the rind.

Serving and Cooking Suggestions

● paired with a Graham Cracker-y stout or Burgundian Chardonnay
● on its own, at room temperature, or alongside a crisp apple or a handful of nuts
● grated over roasted vegetables or pasta dishes

Ingredients: pasteurised sheep milk, salt, starter culture, rennet

Allergens: milk protein