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Tête de Moine PDO (shaved & unshaved)

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Size: 100g shaved

The flowery-spicy semi-hard cheese from Switzerland

Tête de Moine, literally translated as “Monk’s Head” was invented and initially produced more than eight centuries ago by the monks of the abbey of Bellelay, located in the Bernese Jura in Switzerland. 

Traditionally, the cheese is prepared for eating in an unusual way: the cheese is carefully scraped with a knife to produce thin shavings forming into a beautiful rosette, which is said to help develop the odour and flavour by allowing oxygen to reach more of the surface.

In 1982 the girolle was invented, an apparatus which makes it possible to make "rosettes" of Tête de Moine by turning a scraper on an axle planted in the center of the cheese.

Tête de Moine is made from unpasteurized, whole cow’s milk and is a semi-hard cheese. It is cylindrical in shape, the weight of one wheel is around 850g-900g. It is aged for a minimum of 2½ months on a small spruce plank.


Serving and pairing Suggestions

  • paired with a dry white wine
  • Shaved in ‘rosettes’

Ingredients: raw cow milk, salt, starter culture, rennet

Allergens: milk protein