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Triple Crème 'Le Barisien' with truffles

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Triple cream cheeses were quite literally crafted for luxury. Emerging from Normandy in the 1850s, bloomy rinds captured the zeitgeist of 19th century bourgeoisie France.

Triple creams, are a family of soft, buttery cheeses with hints of mushroom earthiness, are regulated by culinary law. To be a triple cream, a cheese must contain a minimum of 75% butterfat fat content in the dry matter (FDM/FDB), that is the fat present in the solids that would remain if all of the moisture was removed from the cheese, a quality achieved by adding cream to the milk before it forms curds.

Traditional double- and triple-creams are made from 100% raw cow’s milk and cream and have bloomy rinds formed by yeast and mold blossoming on the surface of the cheese.

The Dongé Family makes our version of triple cream. In 1930 Etienne Dongé set up his family dairy near Paris (where Brie originates from) to make traditional unpasteurised Brie de Meaux and other specialties like this triple cream. They still follow the traditional methods – cutting the curd by hand and ladling it gently into moulds where it drains on reed mats. At eight weeks it is ripe and ready, with rich porcini-like flavours, a delicate nutty taste and a smooth, velvety texture.

The triple cream contains St Jean truffles and is a great add to every cheese platter 

Pairing suggestions:

  • White wine: Champagne
  • Red wine: Shiraz
  • Eat with baguette and a sweet component like dried fruits

Ingredients: Raw cow milk, salt, rennet, starter culture, truffles 'St Jean'

Allergens: Cow’s milk