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Vegan goat's cheese 'Jil’ 120g

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Jil has character! Our 'goat' log will seduce you with its country touch and its slightly spicy notes. Its flowery crust, its length in the mouth and its flavours of yesteryear will enchant your memories.

This amazing product is made by Jay & Joy, France's first vegan creamery! Mary and Eric decided to become vegan, but missed their lovely French cheeses. So they decided to create their own. After years of hard work, the various vegan cheeses became available and the current assortment allows for a fantastic full classic French cheese board with bloomy rind, blue, washed-rind and goat log options. In addition, fresh cheese, grated Comte and flaked Parmesan style cheeses are availble to use in your kitchen. For your 'special day', even a vegan & creamy foie gras product is available.

The Cheese Trap is proud to be their first parter to offer their amazing products outside of Europe!

This product is Vegan, organic, gluten-free and soy-free

Ingredients: Fresh Almond milk (whole organic almonds 10%, water), organic cashews, organic coconut milk, salt, ferments.

Allergens: Almonds, cashews